Top Courses In Canada That Boosts Your Permanent Residency Prospect

Is there a course program that ensures you get a permanent resident status quicker in Canada? The answer is absolutely not. You cannot just a permanent resident status in Canada by just studying a certain course, but there are courses that provide excellent job opportunities and career scope in Canada. Getting a job in Canada is one way to quickly enhance your chances of getting a permanent resident status in Canada.

After completing your degree in Canada, the next step to obtain a PR status is to secure a job. Not many students get so lucky with finding a job fast in Canada and this is because jobs are not readily available for the career path they chose. This is why the course you are going to study in Canada is so important and could determine how fast you get a job after graduation.

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The report has shown 90% of Canada’s graduates get their career jobs within 6 months of completing their studies. This shows that the job prospect for those students studying in Canada is excellent and with the type of quality education Canada offers plus the globally recognized degrees, it will be difficult for a Canadian graduate not to thrive in any job market in the world.

Let us now look at some of the courses that increase your chances of getting a job which in turn makes your PR pursuit way easier and quicker too.

Top Courses You can Study in Canada to Get Jobs and Speed your PR Process

IT & Computer Science

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In-demand job categories for this field are IT, software engineers and project managers

Finance & Business

In-demand job categories for this field are Broking, Asset Management, Investment Management, Banking, Insurance, and Accounting are the best jobs available.

Master of Business Administration

In-demand job categories for this field are Banking, Management Consultant, Investment Finance jobs. Management consulting

Media & Journalism

In-demand job categories for this field are Public Relations, Advertising, Journalism, and Marketing fields. Digital Marketing and digital and interactive design

Engineering Management & Core Engineering

In-demand job categories for this field are Civil, Mechanical, Electrical-Electronics, Chemical, and Engineering Management

Medicine, Biosciences, and Healthcare

In-demand job categories for this field are biotechnology, biological sciences, pharmacy, nursing to dentistry among others.

All the courses offered in Canada are important and they also ensure quality, but for students who want more than just to study in Canada and wish to remain in Canada as a permanent resident, you need to focus on courses with the most in-demand jobs. By statistics, Canada has shown more interest to immigrants who have the skills to fill up job positions that are in-demand in Canada. So if plan to obtain a PR quicker in Canada, you will have to land a job fast in Canada to gain working experience which is essential to obtain a PR.

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